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General Questions

Here you will find all questions related to your general questions. Have a question you don't see on our list, be sure you check all our FAQ pages for the answer. Still don't see it? Drop it into the form below and we will be sure to add it. 

I’m not sure who to send my question to

new image talk to K


Where can I see past newsletters?

In our newsletter section of the website or you can click here.


I haven’t had openings in awhile, how do I make sure Kayleigh sees my updated schedule?

If you normally do not have openings, Kayleigh will not be looking at your schedule so if you find yourself with one or more openings after an extended period of time, first you will update your calendar in Theranest and then you will email Kayleigh to let her know that you’ve added some new availability. Please allow her a few weeks to fill your openings as this depends on the referrals, other therapist openings, client response times, etc.


How can I share my schedule?

transcribe video into words here

Click Here if you want to see a video tutorial.


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