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Time Off

Here you will find all questions related to abtaining time off. Have a question you don't see on our list, be sure you check all our FAQ pages for the answer. Still don't see it? Drop it into the form below and we will be sure to add it. 

How do I take time off?

Simply block off vacation time in your calendar and Kayleigh will not schedule any intakes. If you have recurring appointments, this may interfere with the vacation block so you can delete them for that week or can change your settings to allow multiple bookings in one slot.

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How do I request PTO or sick leave?

Make sure your Theranest calendar is up to date to reflect your time off and email Joanne for how many hours you would like to use.


What is the PTO or Sick Time policy?

In addition to the Massachusetts sick paid time off, we are newly offering

Our 413 Therapy employees have an additional opportunity to accrue paid sick time.  This time will accrue 1 hour for every 30 clients seen, up to 40 hours, each year.  This time can be used in lieu of scheduled clients- meaning, if you have 3 clients scheduled on a day, you can use up to 3 hours of sick time for that day. 

Your sick time cannot exceed your regularly scheduled client's.  If you typically see 10 clients a week, you can use up to 10 hours of sick time, if needed.  You cannot use 40 hours of sick time in a week if you only typically see 10 client's in a week.  You can roll over up to 40 hours of this time into the following year.  You will not accrue or have a balance of more than 40 hours each year.  For example, if you roll over 40 hours, you will not accrue any additional time from this policy for that year.  (You will continue to accrue Massachusetts sick time as per that policy).

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