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Rachel Pelletier, LADC I, CADC II, LAADAC


Rachel is a dedicated and compassionate client-centered counselor. She deeply intuitive and caring and love getting to the heart of the matter. Rachel is straight and honest with her clients, always encouraging their innate brilliance and showing them what is possible. She is good with “hard cases.” Rachel consistently brings unconditional positive regard and genuine empathy to her work. She is passionate about everything and everyone she comes into contact with. Rachel holds a bachelors and masters degree in addiction counseling, as well as a clinical certification in trauma and traumatic stress. She is driven by a deep passion for the field of addiction and showing people that their weaknesses are their strengths. She has acquired a great deal of knowledge and practical experience in working addiction, dual diagnosis, and trauma.

"I put my whole heart and soul into everything. If I say I will do something or put attention on something, you can know it will be handled thoroughly. I believe that people have an innate capacity for healing. I am looking forward to connecting and helping wherever you are on your path"


Rachel Pelletier, LADC I, CADC II, LAADAC
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