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Desiree Knurek, LICSW


Desiree Knurek has been in the Mental Health field for over 14 years now working with children, adolescents, adults and older adults in both the inpatient and community based settings. She has worked as a crisis clinician for a time and was able to help individuals when they were in their most vulnerable state and was able to help diffuse the situation or determine if they needed a higher level of care. 


Through her experience working at a community-based setting, she facilitated family therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy and encouraged patients to follow their therapeutic treatment plan to achieve optimal level of emotional health.  Desiree was also part of a team of 100 clients ensuring that recovery, vocational, and clinical supports were infused in all aspects of their care and intervention.  She is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.


Desiree Knurek, LICSW
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