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About Us

We are a small (and growing), women-owned and operated group therapy practice.  While we have grown, we maintain a small, private practice feel and stay true to our original mission, which was to make therapy more available to our local community and beyond.

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Where We Began

413Therapy Group was founded by Amy Neumann, LICSW and Elissa Noonan, LMHC.  Elissa and Amy were colleagues at a community-based mental health clinic before each opening their own private practices.  One day, they were both discussing the the number of emails and calls they were getting, each day, from prospective clients who were looking for services and how hard it was to keep having to tell people that their caseloads were full.  Further, they each shared the same experience of clients reporting that they were unable to find anyone that had openings and that, most times, no one even replied to them at all.  In an effort to provide more services too thier communities, Elissa and Amy collaborated to form 413Therapy Group, Inc.

413Therapy Group began with our first location in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Shortly after opening, we established a second physical location in Springfield, Massachsuetts. A year later, the pandemic hit, forcing us to shift quickly to online-only services. Throughout the pandemic, we expanded, adding to our team to meet the high demand for mental health services. Both our therapists and clients found that the Telehealth platform enabled us to broaden our reach and make our services more accessible for clients and our therapists. While we still have limited in-person visits in East Longmeadow, we have continued to offer the majority of our services through Telehealth.

Our Name and Logo(s)


Elissa and Amy clearly didn't anticipate growing as quickly and as far and wide as we have in the last several years as evidenced by the name of our practice and original logo, which as locals would know, is a nod to our Western Massachusetts location or "The 413".  While we have all grown attached to our name and our logo, we realized that it might not be as meaningful outside of our 413 area code or our state.  So, as we collaborated on a re-design, we tried to think about our values, mission and the message that we want to convey. 

In addition to being able to being able to spread their wings and fly any which way they choose, the ruby-throated hummingbird is often associated with joy, resilience, healing and hope- a sign that things are about to get better.  These are all things that we want to foster in ourselves and with our clients. Further, hummingbirds are found all over the United States and beyond.  The one in our logo is symbolic of the ruby-throated hummingbird, which are found in Massachusetts from Spring until Fall.  

The compass is a tool to guide you to your destination.  It doesn't tell you what to do or how to do it, it is there to provide direction, accompany and guide you back on course and  to support you in getting to your destination, whatever that may be - kind of like a therapist, right?  You'll also notice the Northeastern point is a different color.  Another subtle nod to our company's roots and beginnings in Massachusetts and New England.

The blue and green colors reminded Amy and Elissa of the New England Coast, namely The South Shore and Cape Cod, which are therapeutic, healing and meaningful places to each of them. The  circles around the compass are indicative  of the hummingbird's path, which is often wrought with challenges and obstacles and the resilience it takes to make that journey anyway.



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