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Gives Back

413Therapy wants to give back and support our community! Every month one of our staff members picks a different charity, organization or local cause that we will support. Learn more below and find a full list of charities/causes we support! Have a favorite cause? Submit it below and it might be picked for next month!

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Ukraine Support
March 2022

We strongly stand Ukraine! Throughout this month we will support Ukraine in any way we can. Through drives and donations we are here to help during these life changing times. To learn more on how you can safely contribute, npr has listed many verified organizations to look through. Click the image below!

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January 2022
Griffin's Friends Children Cancer Fund

For the month of January we are happily supporting all the strong, brave children and friends who are part of Griffins Friends. Griffins Friends is dedicated to providing fun, healthy forms of fundraising. This non profit creates long lasting memories for entire families. Check them out to learn more!

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February 2022
Planned Parenthood

This February we are happily supporting Planned Parenthood! Many are misinformed Planned Parenthood provides only abortion services. When in reality this non profit provides all reproductive health care services to women and men who do not have good, or any insurance. Providing cancer checks, birth control, screenings and prevention, infertility services, hormone therapy, general health care and more for whatever cost the patient can afford!  Thank you to everyone at Planned Parenthood, we appreciate all the hard work your organization does for the better of peoples health! Check out their website for a full list of services they provide!


Shriners Children's Hospital 
December 2021 

For our first donation as part of Project Give Back we supported Shriners Children's Hospital. We are very excited to kick off this project supporting all the wonderful people who attend and work for the hospital.  Check out their website this holiday to learn more about them! Thank you to all members of the hospital and we wish you a happy holiday!

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Tell us your favorite Charity, Cause, Organization, or Local Drive and we'll add it to our monthly donation list!

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